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Freetown Christiania, Denmark

address mapping toolThough it is illegal to produce marijuana in Denmark, Freetown Christiania is one of the selected few cities in Copenhagen, Denmark that legalizes the growth of cannabis. There are even an outdoor market and food court situated on a street that is known as pusher street. Here, visitors are able to indulge in endless goodies such as edibles, hash, joints, pot, and many more. There are over 20 stalls where you can look around and try each of them. The best part is how all of these shops are open 24/7 so you could take a hit at any time of the day. buy marijuana online europe

You won’t feel out of place or discriminated against here as everyone portrays a friendly vibe. You’ll feel instantly welcomed and right at home, provided you are a junkie yourself. Be a part of this hippie community and enjoy a safe environment while you smoke away without worrying about getting thrown into jail. Do take note if you happen to visit this ‘Green Light District’, leave your cameras elsewhere as photographs are not allowed. Hence, sorry Instagram enthusiast, you’re not allowed to post anything on social media. buy marijuana online europe

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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You can’t miss out on the all too famous city of cannabis – Amsterdam! The pioneer place for everything weed-related, be surrounded by boundless coffee shops offering weed. Basically, all you have to do is walk into a shop and make your purchase, a super easy process just to get your share of weed. Though there is a limit of 5 grams per person, it is more than enough for your daily quota. When we say Amsterdam is heaven for weed enthusiasts, we mean everyone is free to smoke up a joint right in the middle of the streets without having to worry about laws being enforced onto you, as long as you don’t cause a scene.

Most of the joints found in Amsterdam are rolled with other combinations such as tobacco. So if you’re looking for a pure marijuana joint, ask for a ‘pure joint’ over the counter. When you’re not sure which coffee shop to stop by, Barney’s Coffeeshop is everyone’s go-to place. A fun fact about Amsterdam is that their restaurants, though offering weed, are generally healthy restaurants. If you happen to be a health freak and weed junkie, Amsterdam will be your safe haven.

Barcelona, Spain

address mapping toolIf you’re in this part of Europe to enjoy the beautiful scenery and unwind, you’ll feel double the joy with stoners flocking over every year. On the rise to becoming the most marijuana-friendly city in Europe. In short, Barcelona is exactly like Amsterdam where you can take a hit, except with more scenic views. Plenty of coffee shops and legal cannabis clubs are found all across Barcelona, similar to Amsterdam. Due to the high number of cannabis clubs, if it is your first time, it would be best to read a marijuana dispensary guide and get familiar with them. The clubs might require a fee though, but it is worth the money since you can mingle around the same crowd while smoking up a joint.

Every year at the beginning of March, there will be an annual cannabis exhibition called Spannabis. If you’re visiting Europe during this time, be sure to not miss out!

Brussels, Belgium


In Brussels, most tourists flock over to this humble European Village to get a taste of the various tasty treats such as waffles, chocolates, Pommes Frites, and most importantly, the Belgian beer. These snacks are perfect with the combination of a smooth joint. When you’re walking along the streets of Belgium, don’t be surprised by people smoking a joint openly on the streets. You’ll also be bound to witness dealers and their transactions quite openly. If you want to get your hands on weed, head to any of the bars situated around Brussels.

Prague, Czech Republic 

marijuanaDeemed as one of the well-known and affordable destinations in the east of Europe, Prague is the perfect place for backpackers or budget travelers to take in the wonderful attractions, with some pot to go along with the trip. To be clear, weed isn’t exactly legal in Prague, but small amounts of weed are generally accepted where tourists are able to purchase them.

In Prague, the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes is considered legal, while small amounts of weed are not legal, but you will not be caught by the police. As long as your weed possession consists of 15 grams and below, you’re good to go. You won’t find coffee shops and cannabis stores like in Amsterdam or Barcelona, but you can still buy them from street dealers or over the counter of bars.


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